• Francis Gavin

    ” What’s been nice for me working with 2DiFore is to have an educated resource to tap when new marketing opportunities arise.  I like to take advantage of new ideas and marketing ideas, and am more confident in having 2DiFore assess the value and potential return on my investment. “ Francis GavinPresidentGavin Remodeling Read more
  • Greg Rehm

    ” In my opinion, what’s great about working with 2DiFore is that they listen and think creatively on their feet.  I’ve been pretty vocal with ideas and suggestions and it’s clear to me that they incorporate that feedback within their responses, and within our working relationship. “ Greg RehmPresidentLiberty Hill Construction Read more
  • Steven Cimmino

    ” My flooring business has operated successfully since its launch.  This economy not only hit us directly, but we’re also feeling a drop in the number of projects that filter through to us from other contractors.  2DiFore is creative in how we reach out to the market, and aware of my budget requirements at the ... Read more
  • Shawn Walsh

    ” Working with 2DiFore Marketing Solutions helps me feel in control of my brand and promotional activities, by actively participating in the plans, but turning over all of the execution to them.  They take the time to meet with me, help me outline and refine specific goals for marketing … “ Shawn WalshPresidentParadigm Computer Consulting LLC Read more
  • Michael Kurpiel

    “ To chair a committee successfully, you have to understand the minds and work ethic of those who are volunteering to be on your team. Influencing others to strive for team success is similar to a conductor, making sure each part of the orchestra flows seamlessly, together and in stages. “ Michael KurpielNAHB Associate Committee Chair ... Read more
  • Jim Henderson

    ‘” I have known Dianne personally and professionally for almost 20 years. Dianne brings a high level of enthusiasm and detail oriented professionalism to everything she does. Any company, large or small, that is looking for greater exposure and growth will benefit from working with Dianne. “ Jim HendersonWilliam C. Huff Companies Read more
  • Michael Apfelberg

    ” Dianne and her team got me going in no time at all and the results have been very much to my satisfaction! “ Michael ApfelbergEducational Outfitters Read more
  • Steve Gamlin

     ” For nearly 2 decades, I have never fully engaged in ‘serious’ branding and marketing…until now. Working with Dianne has created a refreshing wave of momentum …” Steve GamlinInspired By Steve Read more
  • Brett Cusick

    ” Dianne is well spoken, detailed and energetic and is a pleasure to work with … she has a desire to constantly strive to be the best. “ Brett CusickCedar Mill Group Read more
  • Mitzi’s Window Fashions and Interiors

    ” The response I received from so many people yesterday after the newsletter went out was great …  thanks for the hard work Dianne. “ MitziMitzi’s Window Fashions & Interiors Read more