Customer Review of 2DiFore Marketing Solutions

” My flooring business has operated successfully since its launch.  Until recently, we never needed to aggressively go out looking for business.  This economy not only hit us directly, but we’re also feeling a drop in the number of projects that filter through to us from other contractors.  I’ve been in business long enough to understand that marketing is the key to filling these current gaps and continuing our forward momentum at this time.

” 2DiFore is creative in how we reach out to the market, and aware of my budget requirements at the same time.  They have made great recommendations for reaching the specific customers that are appropriate for my business.  They have been working from a marketing calendar that will fill my pipeline for this year, and help me build a database of partners that will keep me busy in the years to come. And I will add that they are really easy to work with. “

Steven Cimmino
A+ Interiors Floor Covering LLC