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Your Website is your communications hub. It is the one place on the internet about you and only you – the only online place where you control the look & feel and all the messages. Therefore it is the best place for you to drive traffic. Your business social media pages are fine places to engage people but generally speaking, your website is where you want your audience to land. There you have the opportunity to do business, whether it’s direct e-commerce or a different call to action such as setting an appointment. Bottom line is your website has to serve up a great user experience all the time. Customers expect it so let’s deliver it to them, and the rest of the world!


Social Media Management and Marketing | SEO Search Engine Optimization

You need marketing and design strategy before implementing website development.

2DiFore Marketing Solutions has a successful track record working with small businesses to give them superior web designs that serve up great user experiences and generate new business. We focus like a laser on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to maximize both organic and paid search results for your website. The search engines are always tweaking things and sometimes making wholesale changes to how they index and rank websites in search results. You can relax while we stay on top of all the SEO changes as they happen.

Getting great search rankings is wonderful but what do people do when they get to your homepage or landing pages? Make sure your web designs are beautiful and functional. 2DiFore Marketing Solutions will design a website that clearly and accurately communicates your value differentiation. We learn what motivates your audience. Then we design information architecture, graphic treatments, animation and dynamic content that make your website come alive and convert visitors to leads and prospects to customers.

With 2DiFore Marketing Solutions as your partner, you get the most senior level and results driven virtual experienced based web team working for you. Our strategists, writers and developers have worked on hundreds of high performing websites including for national brands and specialty local businesses.

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Website Social Media Management and Marketing for Small Businesses

Social Media has taken the internet by storm!  More and more people and business are relying on Social Media to get their message out and maintain relationships with both new and existing customers throughout their region.  Don’t get left behind!

Social Media Management Solutions for NH businesses

Website SEO  Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your web site ‘Search Engine Friendly’ with the goal of having your web site appear early in searches for keywords or phrases related to your business on search engines such as Google, Bing Yahoo.

SEO Solutions for Business in NH