Public Relations Firm for Public Relations Programs that Work for NH Business


Public perceptions of your business in New Hampshire and the surrounding area are shaped by various factors – many outside your control. An effective public relations strategy consists largely of how you and your business respond to those external factors. A good public relations strategy is also a proactive public relations strategy. You must assist the public and business community of NH in understanding your company’s noble objectives along with your success stories. 2DiFore Marketing Solutions, headquartered in Manchester, NH looks at your organization’s entire communications universe. We work to ensure that a clear public relations program bolsters the results of your businesses integrated marketing campaign, here in NH as well as nationally.


Earn a great reputation for your business in NH !

Like it or not, the media, business and the public in NH and the world are watching you. They are receiving signals from multiple sources: word of mouth, social media, mainstream local & national media, advertising, publicity and your sales & customer service teams. As you read, the public and business communities of NH are formulating a reputation for your business based on the multitude of outlets available today.

All public relations in NH are local

2DiFore Marketing Solutions’ public relations team is locally based in Manchester, NH.  We have a successful track record of public media blitz campaigns and getting feature stories published about clients in NH. Let us handle the tedious but vital work of local press releases, news stories and media relations for your business. Our wordsmiths write compelling stories and articles that interest local NH residents and business people, helping our clients further increase their market share in NH and beyond.  You manage your business and we’ll manage building your public presence and relationships with the residents and business community in the NH area and beyond.

Communicate  … control your public image in NH

Rather than sending out mixed signals to  business and residents of NH and beyond, are you communicating relevant, positive and responsive messages that consistently fortify your brand position and public image in NH ?

Just who are you and what do you stand for? Are your business practices ethical by NH standards? Do we share common values? Should we be doing business? That’s what people and business in NH … and the world … want to know!