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BEWARE! The social media marketing landscape in NH and FL is littered with so called experts who have successfully ridden a wave of mystery or ignorance. Business owners and marketing executives are busy running operations. They have little time to learn and stay current with social media technology, trends and best practices. Therefore a budding industry of “consultants” has sprung up spouting Social Media 101 all day long and happily getting paid for it. Many only go as far as setting up Facebook and Twitter pages, posting trial & error messages and inviting all their own friends to like and follow their client’s business pages. There is a much better way! 2DiFore Marketing Solutions will strategically and creatively guide your social media effort to attain measurable success.

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How will you encourage your social audience in NH, FL and beyond to take action?

2DiFore Marketing Solutions started studying and practicing social media marketing in 2005. We have used the available tools for our own business and those of our clients ever since then. As veteran marketers from the traditional “advertising age” and loving technology advancements, we dove into this specialized field well before our most worthy competitors in NH and FL. We apply serious business strategy toward every social media execution and then enlist the amazing free technologies and online data capture mechanisms to help our clients focus in on where their customers and prospects are most interested. There is also the public relations element of social media that is vital to maintaining your online reputation. We have the experience to respond appropriately to potential communication conflicts.

Being based in Manchester, NH, we’re native New Englanders and enjoy the NH culture and have recently located an office in Ruskin, FL. Whether it’s a local or national market you’re after, we’ll help you connect online. Effective Social Media programs are really less about marketing and more about networking with people in a consumer friendly or professional tone, depending on your product/service offering.

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Your Website is your communications hub. It is the one place on the internet about you and only you – the only online place where you control the look & feel and all the messages.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your web site ‘Search Engine Friendly’ with the goal of having your web site appear early in searches in NH and FL for keywords or phrases related to your business in NH on search engines such as Google and Bing.

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